Solo Show: By the morning I will have grown back.

My first solo show opened this March and it felt both premature and like it was long overdue. This show saw it's host of difficulties due to Covid and travelling between Glasgow and Aberdeen. But I must say - it was a breeze. The show was organised by Second Home Aberdeen who run classes for beginners in the city, hosted for the most part in Parks Cafe in the west end. They reached out to me after my degree show and I ran a short tonal oil painting class for them last year.

They made everything easy, the hang, the posters, the social media. It was a beautiful and seamless process. I couldn't have asked for more.

The show is an homage to growing up in a rural fringing suburban town with nothing to do, nowhere to be and nothing but the magical excitement of teenage hormones and the landscape that I dug my heels into. Some of these works directly reference that landscape but in most cases I just seek to apply the rush of colour and bubbling emotions onto the places I have been since this time, from Ayr to Pakistan. Travel has been really important to me in the last three years, but again Covid has made this difficult. This show will no longer be a love letter to a city I'm far from, but will be a note from a short stint away. Moving home will likely be as surreal as missing ti was. There will be no strange lands to escape to on buses and planes. Who knows what will come from stewing in the soup of my past and present in one place, with my future more precarious and unpredictable than ever.

As always, I was so swept up in enjoying the show that I have just ONE installation shot. Good one.

For an interview about this show ans my practise follow this link:

Second Home Aberdeen .

To see more from Second Home Aberdeen including short audio clips from the interview follow this one :)

Instagram - Second Home

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