The Carnegie Travels!

Here goes!

This post marks the begining of my travelsbrought about by the Carnegie Scholarship Award, which I was lucky enough to have been granted through my University - Gray's School of Art.

The process involved submitting a Scholarship proposal of my desired destinations and reasons for which to send me. My choices are Barcelona, Bilbao and Morroco, and given that I was lucky enough to be granted this scholarship I will be leaving on the 2nd starting in Barcelona.

This post mostly aims to express my nerves and excitement towards travelling. For 2 of the 3 weeks I will travel alone - something I have yet to attempt. I have been slightly unlucky in that the interviews I had set up have mostly become impossible due to the fact that important people stay important by going places and doing things and unfortunately schedules change and are moved around. I was initially worried by this but now take it as a challenge of my ability to be resilient and use my improvisation skills, afterall this trip is about my experienece of these cities and not about overpreperation.

Despite a few small setbacks I have many exciting things lined up - from visiting numerous Galleries to learning about traditional north African crafts from the Berber people in the Atlas Mountains and visiting a Traditional Painting College in Barcelona - teaching perfection of life drawing skills and colour and tonal accuracy.

I hopefully that this trip will really ignite a spark of passion in paintings that I often feel drifts after long periods out of the studio. I will be uploading further posts throughout my trip documenting the colours, sights, and sounds I experience in each location. I am hopeful that this can be posted during ym time away, wifi permitting, and there will be an ability to follow along.

First stop Barcelona !

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