The Response

The Response was an exhibition hosted in Tempo Cafe, Bon Accord Centre, Aberdeen. While this was, in part, a required course output - it really took off and grew arms and legs! This exhibition was a challenge, introducing new experiences working with the community and making art for a space. We initially had some complications finding a venue but Tempo turned out to be a blessing and the event was really successful, both on the opening night and over the weekend.

Poster design Kathryn Johnson
The Response

The group consisted of 7 artists; William Sherval, Jasmine Regmi, Lileth McAdam - Leng, Lisa Cuthbertson, Kathryn Johnson, Jayne Fiskin and Myself.

The Response aimed to challenge the artists involved to create at least one piece that reacted to the space in which it was to be exhibited. This was an interesting conversation as it required to be interpreted freely by the group. I chose to focus on the child friendly environment displayed in the cafe - incorporating imagery I hoped to be both appropriate and stimulating to that audience...and I like to think it paid off! Over the weekend I was treated to some great responses both from adults and from children who enjoyed the balloon dogs and bright colour of "The Balloon Factory". This piece was - overall - the best received of my 3rd year work and for that I feel I am to thank the influence of Tempo and the Archie Foundation.

Ceramics, Earth and Cress
Bathers I and II

Oil on linen
The Balloon Factory

Oil on canvas
"I think we ought to talk in private"

Oil on canvas

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