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Virtual Spaces

Figuratively Speaking

"In a period that will be remembered by the spaces we measured between ourselves and others, we encourage you to take a break and to feel the space you exist within. The gaps between your fingers, the expanse your lungs create as you breathe. Participate in the awkward dance of compassion, 'the 2 metre step'.
Figuratively Speaking celebrates the bodies that carry us but does not limit them to their flesh and their bone. The contributing artists use their bodies as a diary of their longing, a catalyst for activism and a tool for escapism.

Figuratively speaking ran as an online exhibition space during the covid-19 pandemic. I took on this venture to give artists from all over the world the opportunity to share figurative artwork in a time devoid of physical contact. The virtual space gave me the opportunity to bring together work from all corners of the world, without concerns over practicality.

This was a solo venture, during which I created an open call, selected, curated and hosted the digital event. IT was a great success and I hope to host a second figurative show sometime in the future now that I may occupy physical gallery spaces.

Like Me, Scooped Out

This small exhibition of work ran alongside my Masters degree show, offering a view of my paintings within a gallery context. The 3D space gave the viewer a feel for the scale and curation of my work, which was less easy to conceptualise through the blog style page provided by my institution.

While the space itself is no longer accessible, this short video offers a walk through of the exhibition.

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